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St.Francis school named after St.Francis of Assisi in 2009. It is administered by the Medical Sisters of St.Francis of Assisi Society. It is situated in Malappuram district of Kerala.Nestled in the lush green campus, the school building impressively stretches over 5 acres of land and indeed very spacious and attractive.

The building embraces spacious classrooms, study lobbies, well equipped laboratories, self automated library, spacious and ventilated auditorium and latest hi-tech facilities (smart board) in the classrooms. The sprawling school campus abounds in various sports facilities to students. We believe that each child is unique and has infinite potential. We therefore provide multiple opportunities for students to discover and demonstrate their competence in overall activities.

The school stand proud of its students for their performances in the scholastic and co-scholastic achievements. Adhering the core principles, the school envisages programmers to commit its students towards the Nation and Society. The school is also providing ample opportunities for students for their holistic formation, personality development activities, co-curricular training programmers, social awareness programmers, campus, house-wise meetings, important national celebrations are conducted in the school. Each day in the school dawns a marked difference and creative programmers are planned to develop the innate of students.

The parental participation in the training of the children is very positive. A group of efficient and affective teachers are the pillars of this institution.

St. Francis School has a powerful and meaningful motto that is
Knowledge Radiates Vision

The administrators and the teachers of this school prepare the students by imparting and instilling in them  'knowledge' about the advancing technologies, sharpening their mind with modern thinking which will enable them to Radiate Vision for the future and to become full-fledged persons with good character to serve the society and the world at large.


Education is to help each individual to discover one's destiny and lead to self-realization fully and effectively. The school is a means of self- enlightenment though limited, yet has definite role to play in the ongoing formation of human beings to be “Fully human and fully alive”.Aschools is :-

1.   An  academic  community  characterized  by  a  shared  vision, shared responsibility and mutual love among the members.

2.   Acommunity to the integral development of all the students

3.   To strive for a just and honest society.

4.   To be loyal to its specific mission.



St. Francis school is primarily meant to provide the children with sound education based on religious, moral and ethical values like love, service, kindness, honesty, non-violence, self discipline, self reliance, co-operation, etc. it also aims  at helping them to grow and develop into an ideal citizens.

By our education,   we will-Endeavour to have the student to reach to a total integrated personality through his or her spiritual and moral, physical, intellectual, aesthetic and cultural emotional and social formation. The school opens to all, irrespective of religion, caste and creed paying respect to their own religious sentiments and freedom of conscience.


Each educator of this school is trying his or her best to inculcate moral values and etiquette among the students, which will lead to the accomplishment of the motto and aims of the school. The school has many  opportunities  and Co-curriculum  activities to develop the hidden talents of each student.

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